We are Placemaking were asked to help with an exciting public realm placemaking task to showcase the elephant parade at Westquay shopping centre in order to encourage footfall to the centre as it reopens after the ease of lockdown restrictions. The parade consists of 24 pre-designed elephant sculptures painted by artists from across the globe and one plain elephant to be painted live at the centre by a local artist sourced by us to join the parade displayed around the centre grounds.


Ordering from over-seas suppliers meant dealing with new post-Brexit customs regulations and ATA carnets

Creating wooden collars for each elephant without having seen them beforehand

  Being on site to set up elephants during heavy rain and high wind levels


International logistics

On site health and safety including covid-19 risk assessment

Supply auditing and supply sourcing


Successfully transported 25 elephant statues and set them up around the shopping centre ahead of schedule.

Brought back footfall to centre and made the public excited to go out again after the national lockdown.

Successful activation of an important and eye catching bit of public realm placemaking.