We Are Placemaking supported Kings Cross and Argent to deliver their Traditionally Untraditional Christmas Campaign in December 2020. We Are Placemaking were tasked with creating a sustainable and stand out festive activation, along with estate’s festive dressing. As part of this, WAP produced two out of four of their unique Christmas Tree installations, The People’s Tree and Terrarium Tree.

The People’s Tree at Battle Bridge Place saw a multi-coloured, interactive installation featuring playful dynamic light effects powered by the actions of visitors and passers-by. Members of the public would wave their hands near the tree to activate its sensors and trigger a multi-coloured festive light show for the whole family to enjoy!

The Terrarium Tree at Coal Drops Yard featured a 28ft tall tree made up of 70 living terrariums created by our CDY friends The Botanical Boys alongside 168 mirror balls. Post event, each terrarium has been re-homed to live its full life.


WAP delivered this campaign in various tiers of lockdown in an evolving environment due to Covid-19 government guidelines. This presented new challenges around the way the public could interact with the campaign and also whilst working on site, ensuring safe practice.


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Terrarium Tree built as a sustainable and unique creation that can live on beyond Christmas, rehoming 70 living terrariums post event

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