Liverpool ONE is one of Europe’s leading retail and leisure destinations, set near to the historic waterfront. Built around the existing streets of Liverpool, the 1.65million sq ft contemporary open-air complex is a stylish must-visit for those who love to shop, eat, drink and relax.

Much more than just a shopping centre, Liverpool ONE plays a key role within the city. Being situated in such a central location, they continuously work with a variety of local partners in order to join up city wide celebrations, promote Liverpool as a tourist destination and encourage more and more people to visit the city of Liverpool.


Liverpool ONE were looking to develop their Festive lights by collaborating with artist Mark Robinson and We Are Placemaking to deliver Polaris, a bespoke light installation, for the city. Constructed using 82 recycled IBC containers, Polaris occupies the centre of Chavasse Park where it has been in situ for the 6 week Festive period.

Mark Robinson the artist explains, ‘Inspired by the brightest star in the constellation, Polaris represents Liverpool at its core, supported by the surrounding columns which give Liverpool its cultural roots. The Compass of Light is a homage to how far and wide Liverpool’s culture has spread and in return the world-wide influences seen in the city today from its arts programme, events, music and of course it’s people. I have loved creating such a unique piece for this city.’


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