Outdoor Cinema

We worked with NOMAD to produce an outdoor cinema at Westquay South for 5 nights in August for 500 capacity. We had a giant screen up against the Old City Walls, branded deckchairs and a bar for the duration of the event.

Wednesday: Mama Mia

Thursday: Grease

Friday: Back To The Future

Saturday: ET

Sunday: Finding Dory


To create a destination in Westquay South and support F&B through increase footfall and sales. With a series of events in the program, we aim to establish Westquay South as an event and social destination.

We work with Hammerson to develop a year long event program which is a combination of cultural, performances, screenings and art.


Event management and production with NOMAD for 5 night

Design and curate the creative theming for the event.

Source and work with NOMAD throughout event

Display of brand collateral and screen brading

Secure and design the LED screen with supplier

Manage and run an operating bar throughout the 5 nights, serving a selection of wine, beer and cocktails. Managing and running a Pimm’s bar and bus throughout the event.

Health & Safety and crowd control plans

Risk Assessments

Measuring footfall and attendance

Staffing of support team and timetabling of Ambassadors

Ensure a high quality presentation at all times

Manage team of security on site from build to de-rig


Completed 5 successful nights, including 1 night of torrential rain where 405 people turned up to watch Mama Mia. Evening involved a lot of dancing in the rain.


“Can we see every film outside” 6 year old after Finding Dory

 “This is great -when are you here next”

“Wow 100% to charity- that is great that the Southampton Team are doing this”