The past weekend, We Are Placemaking visited the Greenwich & Dockland International Festival (GDIF) to check out Daedalum by Architecture of Air at the Royal Albert Docks.

Live from 21st June – 6th July across newly developed areas of public realm, GDIF animates the various spaces, driving people to new destinations, such as Royal Albert Dock and historically significant spaces such as Cutty Sark Gardens.

Expanding year on year, GDIF has been a valued cultural experience for over twenty years in Greenwich. At the Cutty Sark, there was a wide selection of activity from circus performers to wood working workshops, and performances from an all-female circus troupe, Mimbre, who performed at Live In The Square in 2018 with Grosvenor Estates.

The installation site was slightly bare in terms of creative decoration and a places to dwell. The images show a space animated with a few benches, toilets and food traders – it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing event site but it was the Daedalum that everyone came to see. And there was no missing the inflatable art piece.

We have had a lot of conversations recently discussing the ‘experience’ of our concepts, and our clients are always challenging We Are Placemaking to develop rationale behind commissioning the experiences. For Daedalum, the purpose was immersive art. Bathed in light through each of the different zones, the installation included an ambient soundscape with visitors walking from pod to pod exploring colour and sound.

This installation was particularly topical for We Are Placemaking as we have been investigating colour therapy recently, for an upcoming brief. We are fascinated with the way that light and colour are used to evoke different feelings and emotions for each individual.

We look forward to telling you more about our upcoming projects and exploring more events around London.

Architecture of Air, thank you for immersing us in your colour experience!