Westquay Events

As part of We Are Placemaking’s ongoing programme of events at Westquay Southampton for Hammerson PLC, this Easter, a giant living hedgemaze has taken over the Esplanade.

The maze is one of the largest temporary living mazes to have been built, spanning 9,000 square foot, and is completely bespoke to the space, weaving around the corners of the historic city walls.

The maze consists of 200 individual 2m long living Laurel hedging planters, each 2.4m in height.

All the hedging used has been grown in the UK using sustainable methods to maintain and then recycle the planters. They are watered using recycled rainwater which is collected from harvesting tanks, and any clippings taken off to neaten the hedging are composted or shredded to be re-used again for other planters.

Once the hedging has come to the end of its service in the planters, the hedging is resold to be planted in various gardens or for landscaping projects. The metal planters are then used again for new hedging to create new mazes!

As a special Easter treat Westquay have introduced a QR code challenge to complete whilst working your way around the maze. By downloading the Westquay Plus App and scanning the code you are able to redeem a free ice cream offer from local tenant Hotel Chocolat.

Get down before the 22nd April for your chance to crack the #MazeWQ.